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"Gunz N' Butta" (2011) (with Vado)

Killa Lyrics – Cam’Ron (with Vado)

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
I might long mink it
Or fly fox it
Might floor seat it
Or skybox it
What's in my pocket? Don't worry I got it
Araab hit em with a sky rocket
You a love cuffer, me and my blood brothers?
Cook the beef like Fuddruckers, duck sucker
What I think of them? I ain't no judge, fucker
What I deal with? Nothin' but drugs, brother
Smack ya girl, kill ya pops, take ya mother
Stab ya aunt, hit ya sis, duct tape ya brother
First drawer is all suede, Jamaican colors
Make em take cover
Me? I teach laundering
Coke, please bond with me
Only time you meet girls on E-Harmony
The block, I treat, like the Pharmacy
From the back of Delanor to the Armory
(Killa, Killa, Killa, Killa...)

[Verse 2: Vado]
Yo, if these walls could speak, they'd tell me "Let's go! "
Like Wall Street, Billy First, Meeko and Gecko
Was ambitious, determined I'm in Joe Pesch mode
They put my name in the black book cause they petro
Black retro's, yeah them 60 plus
And black expo, necks broke just to look at us
Ridiculous delivery, the boss type
She fell in love with my kick game like paw spikes
Half the shit, you spit plain, you part nice
Half the brick is cooked cain, that's hard white
Automar bright, all the haters respect it
Feel like the governor in the Schwarzenegger collection
I'm just fuckin' them, I don't care who she slept with
Shorty only good for the throat like chloraseptic
These rappers hot combs, your boy the next pick
I don't straighten it out, get blown when the tech spit
(Killa, Killa, Killa, Killa...)

[Verse 3: Vado]
Yo I was always a smart ass, pullin' BM's out of Park Ave
Hand the rock to em off the ground like a bounce pass
(Coke cash!)
So was my heart when the pound blast
You could fuck up some paper just make sure gutter mouth stash
No OutKast, love me low in the Big Boi
Border her ass, throw some D's on it like Rich Boy
Benz high class, Crown Vic's be our 6-4
Shit is like Crenshaw, way to be Blood and Crip calls

[Verse 4: Cam'ron]
He ain't lying get thrown from the 6th floor
Blown from the 4-5 my dick in ya bitch jaw
All them diamonds that's what my wrist for
Any problems? That's what the clique for
Fuck a big tour, I sail on the sick shore
Girls are like lotto, Doggy I pick 4
Word, Homie
They phony
Macy's, Neiman's, Bloomy's they know me
(Killa, Killa, Killa, Killa...)

American Greed Lyrics – Cam’Ron (with Vado)

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron:]
God bless the kid, left the crib
Extra jig, 20 L's
No movie but I bought out that 2012
"Hey girl" she ignored me, I'm like "Honey, hell"
What up money? I'm Cam, but I know money well
Sniff me, that money smell, cologne juke
Chrome coupe, before towns Killa had his own stoops
Now I'm shaving coke on an amazing boat
Fuck you, suck dick
I don't know what to say to folks..
Sick chain, from the 6 train
Took the 5th lane, where I get brain
Yeah, get brain, shit mane
I blow past em
Can't hear y'all niggas
Closed caption
Been places, spent faces
Y'all big babies, blame Davis
You ain't that one team
So come dream, Bruce Leroy glow
Y'all need sunscreen

[Hook - Vado:]
American greed shit'll turn you
Into the worst type
Lock like Madoff, die like Kirk Wright
You'll get more dirty when
Your collar and shirt white
Carry our dreams, Rose wishes
The thirst life
I'm fire, you burn
Backstreet Boy *NSYNC like Lou Perlman
I'm the 6th member as long as the crew earn
Half the crew earnings, I take my break

[Verse 2 - Vado:]
Sosa wars I'm feeling like Big, Harlem we back son
On stage, boxers and Timbs
Holding my plaque up
Beat knocking, red put that track up
Move 8-balls, play pool? Well nigga rack up
Hit the white with all soda
Terrorizing the streets in the Viper or Cobra
New Louis Vuitton sneaks with spikes all over
Crib on some kid shit, my Nikes all over
Small purchase, next time I'll re-bigger
Fitted low dark shades like I don't see niggas
Getting dough like I don't need niggas
Didn't know that crime pays?
Well look at Flea nigga!
Fortune 500, we read niggas
Wall Street Journals and several
American Greed niggas
Lot of dough to be made, shit
I agree, nigga
Summertime, True Religion jeans
Is capris nigga

[Hook - Vado]

[Verse 3 - Vado:]
Julius Earving whip her: I'm a 6er
Rucker Park mixer, with the rock I fix ya
Ball at Bar Mitzvahs, miss is off the Richter
Ricky Ricardo laugh at ya
Get your chicks up
Chips up, I got a full house
Ferrari, Porsche, I leave chicks
With a full mouth. Ouch
Cage open: who let the bull out?
I'm good out, violence and drugs
I'm what the hood about

Vado got a vision that's so raw
Say no more. Rewind: he remind me of me in '04
Maybe it's our habitat, maddest clap
Rat-tat-tat, I had to trap, imagine that
Lenox Ave graduate in fact
And if you seen me in the Louis
With the crew blowing Oowee
Right hand should salute me
Look here, you Sam Bowie
Scram, Scoobie
Tan Gucci, play your part
Scary Movie

[Hook - Vado]

Put A Bird Up Lyrics – Cam’Ron (with Vado)

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
In Hawaii at the Luau mang
Honolulu, boo boo, we do our thang
Do your thang, uh huh, true I slang
African diamonds, Luol Deng
You never seen profit? My whole team got it
Blue jeans, red trim, green pockets
Black broad, black card, black wallet
Grey Boots, sweat suit, I'm that brolic
Caesar top, getting diva top
Been around the world but I can't leave the block
Click nine, slick rhymes, the chick fine
Don't like me, but stand in WIC line
Look good so I hit her with a quick line
"Take my watch, hit me up when you get time"
Some sniff dimes, some pitch dimes
Get yours cause I'm a get mine

[Hook: Vado]
Ayyo I be a fly homie, 550 drive homie
See you waiting at the bus stop; need a ride, homie?
Now I walk around with that 3 to 5 homie
Once I cut the middleman went from 3 to 5, homie!
Roll that herb up, got it? put a bird up
Pretty with a firm butt, I Blackberry Curved her

[Verse 2: Vado]
I ain't no superhero but I'm coming to save y'all
Pray that it's safe y'all
Fly with no cape on
Driving with Drake on
Keep a sportscar like Akon
All-black: blowing chicks' minds like napalm
All that. Wait til my man home (GUDDA!)
Saying my name wrong
Vado, I came strong
Hate that I ain't on
As they wait on (YES!)
Like Trey Songz, "Success" my fav song
Ball like Rajon, The course is way long
Boss don't make wrongs
We talk and shake, uh
Porsche got State Farm
Straight thong, you don't want it
Keep eating, like it's a tapeworm in my stomach
More ass than Slay mags
Poppin' Hermes tags
Coppin' Rosé mags
Gloves and the facemask
Duck fast when Jake pass
E class, triple grey with red brakepads


[Verse 3: Vado]
Hang him from a chopper like Sosa
Say "Hi" to V? No sir
Proppin' the sofa, the block on my shoulders
Approach us? It won't happen, we soldiers
La Cosa Nostra, leaves of the coca
Please, you so butt
I squeeze, you froze up, LVs is low cut
You teasin? So what?
My team just drove up
K, you authentic but see we pro-cuts in 4+

The jewelry I play ring around the rosie with it
New S-Class; damn, I look cozy in it
No picture, but yeah, a nigga pose in it
No blinkers, chest, put a whole in it
Look at ma's feet, look at ma's thighs
And her face too... double D her bra size
She's steak fries
Sweet as egg pies
Make cake rise, up in my fav five


Monster Muzik Lyrics – Cam’Ron (with Vado)

[Intro: Cam'Ron]
Word up Rector!
I wasn't gonna say it again?
Word up, man it's all good!
You don't gotta let us in your little shit!
You got that?
Keep that shit, man!
You could have it man.

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron] See you like to front. (word!) Me? I like to stunt. (true!)
I go for it on fourth down you the type to punt. (fuck that!)
I go for the homerun. - You the type to bunt
No support stay in court twice a month. - Light the blunt!
D.A.! - Flees and flies he breakin' down them pizza pies (Mr. Pies!)
See my eyes, rolled up right now. - I'm facin three to five. (in Jersey!)
Assault charge, yeah granted - it was aggrevated
But you characters my character - won't assasinate it. (nope!)
Ha! - They had to hate it aggitated cash related (cash related!)
I tell your bitch: "Grab my dick! Ha! Now masterbate it! "
Don't catch feelings man - how she not feelin' Cam?
And look her by the waist feelin like a ceilin fan (you crazy!)
My girl Chanel should sell shit 'for Chanel kicks hell
Split turn down 50 mill' - on my Chappelle, shit! (Chapelle, shit!)
Get your ice wet! - Lay down that slight bet
Word my word heard you'll get curved like a Nike, check!

[Interlude: Vado]
Check! Fly!
Ayo, they call us the new Harlem Knights, man!
We like Richard Pryor and Eddie! (man, don't fuckin' with us!)
Three shots I'll take his whole team out! (fire, man!)
Arsenio ass niggas! (Huh?)

[Verse 2: Vado]
You now lookin' at the face of the new team (yes!)
No Plies! Big faces in these true jeans! (HUH? !)
I don't tie nor lace 'em keep some lose strings (all day!)
Tongue hangin' son fakin in them two G's.
She gon' drop on two knees once she see the belt (huh?)
I'm number one with the water I need to meet with Phelps. (Haaaaaa!)
Got my own corner! (Corner!) - I don't need your help. (nah!)
I'm doin everything like I only need myself. (huh!)
A bit more thread I'd have the city sowed (sowed!)
Top down gettin head while on the Bentley phone. (phone!)
Powder blue it's all like the one that Diddy owns (yeah!)
Ask Killa I write +Thrillers+ like Quincy Jones!
G4's speedboats and villa homes (homes!)
Fake pokin', y'all chest out - y'all silicones! (Haaaaa!)
Jeff Hamilton spurs level with silver phones (yes!)
Standin on the couch in mansions spillin' Rose. (Rose!)- Homes! (Homes!)

[12 seconds instrumental]

[Verse 3:]
DAMN! See while I'm feelin' myself? (See?)
The market done changed and y'all rappers still on the shelf? (things change!)
Quick to go for the Eagles like I'm from Philadelph'
I feel for y'all health - 'fore I pull your ice grill and get melt. (like chill!)
Shotty pump! No ball get your body dumped (dumped!)
I don't brawl a phone call have your body slumped! (HUH? !)
Queens stories heard 'em all from Preme to Ronnie Bump (yeah!)
Waitin on that four door Porsche should be out in a month.
With these keys I'm a wilderbeast (word!) Nautica feel the fleece (I'm feelin'!)
I should shoot at the ground the way I kill this beat. (true!)
No seatbelt but ma, I'll unfacin it
Jag Coupe is lavender, today I'm playin' passenger. (shotgun!)
"Killa" the signature (yes!) before that is the literature (now!)
Pow was a baller hustler slash prisoner. (what else?)
But a good listener (ture!) - your wife I might piss on her,
Christian her! - Yeah that's how I'll wizz it wizz on her. [beat stops]

Speakin In Tungs Lyrics – Cam’Ron

Who else gon' hold us down?
You In! [x5]
Vado! [x5]

Say wahhhhhh!? What you mean! what you need ma?
Yeah, you doing your thing ma
Ass crack is seen outta your jeans ma
Let me place a single right in between ma
Ha, late nights, you could let em in
Tell a friend, tell a friend how much chedda spin
Most Definite
Whatever my crew at, it's more definite


You ain't got no wears in me casa
Mongianos hoppin out a benz like a mobster
Pasta, pellegrino penne a la vodka, lobster
Filipino talk it to me proper
Uh huh, whoa! [x2]
You go slime, it's your time (Slimeeeeeeeeeeee!)
Throw your credits in the air and let that gold shine

Ma, what's really, what's goodiee?
Cause if I get some, have her speaking in tungs (Huh!)
Like what you say? (Huh!)
Ah! Ciroc poppin, what's poppin?
Mix coke and rum, weed got us both num
Huhhhh! like what you say, huhhhhh
Wassup slimee

Mami like athletes
I start her laugh again
What's your last name boo, Kardashian?
Yeah, I got all the money
Motorcycles, motorhomes, yeah I own it honey
Yes! Rap now, change plans
Might have seen me on gang land
Count numbers, ramen
Bowling alleys,
Stay in lane fair
Check the check though,
Exo, Neck Glow, Chain Borrowed
Hollo, Ecko, Tech Glow, Wet Doe,
Let's Go, Metro Politan Area,
Kill em with the X flow!
I do, what I do, what I does
I do, what I want, love is love
My nickname is spit game
Shit man, ice on the arm, no wrist sprain

Ma, what's really, what's goodiee?
Cause if I get some, have her speaking in tungs (Huh!)
Like what you say? (Huh!)
Ah! Ciroc poppin, what's poppin?
Mix coke and rum, weed got us both num
Huhhhh! like what you say, huhhh

Tell me something I wanna hear
Trench coat and heels is nothing you wanna wear
Put your friend on she wanna stare
Chicks like ears every week I wanna pair
It's a family affair
Only the fam here
Hole Harlem uptown we stayin' here
Chrome bottles, braclets and chandaliers
You know Vado ain't rich but damn near
(Haaaa) As long as his man Cam there,
They like Reema with Sam running the tan chairs
Like what you said dear
Nuff talk with the g-4 on the land wear

Ma what's really, what's goodie?
Cause if I get some, have her speaking in tungs (Huh!)
Like what you say? (Huh!)
Ah! Ciroc poppin, what's poppin?
Mix coke and rum, weed got us both num
Huhhhh! like what you say, huhhh

Hey Muma Lyrics – Cam’Ron (with Vado)

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron]
Yo, girl.. get a notepad (for what?)
You ain’t got no swag!
And you so fine, it’s so sad
Still riding coach, need a Coach bag
Let me coach you, no Coach tags (what that mean?)
Get rid of that Coach bag!
And listen, I ain’t trying to throw jabs
(Damn!) Why you gettin so mad?!
Only one that deal with Cam’ is a queen
Louis handbags, Alexander McQueen
Yeah, stand up I’m mean
For how I handle my team, clean
Harlem niggas don’t wear sandals with jeans
Car skills good, I can handle the Beem
Nickle, dime, twenties, I can handle the fiends
So…hey Muma, que pasa?
I’m water, baby.. agua

Hey yo, muma!
I’m saying
Can I come over? Cause
I’m not playing
Bend your ass over, uh, I’m not waiting
And if I’m sober, I’m blazing. Hey!

[Verse 2 - Vado]
Hold up, [spit sound] let the Slime spit
Need these first three rows, let my suave sit
Icy, make it hard to see the time tick
Me and my dine chicks, with glasses of wine, lit
Yeh, your money can’t provide this
“Hi miss” the answer’s “yes, your Highness”
“Try this! Only I can supply this”
Reply this, you’ll always see me in fly ish
If I don’t know you, I hope not to
Trying to play a tough role? I’m like “not you”
Earl Boykins I’m D Rose I got you
Under the sun is where we pose, We hot, duke
It’s what I did to the booth
How I spend in the coupe
While you and members salute
I’mma keep it trill, I’m that nigga living proof
Telling me to chill is like stomping Cam with a shoe

Hey yo, muma!
I’m saying
Can I come over? Cause
I’m not playing
Bend your ass over, uh, I’m not waiting
And if I’m sober, I’m blazing. Hey!

[Verse 3 - Cam'ron]
In the hood where I creep trying to hook me a freak
Want to see what girl around here could put me to sleep
Could mean a hotel, could mean a suite
Could mean tuition, could mean a Jeep!
“God damn” is what the hoochies say
When we jump out of Lambo’s
Car, neck, hand froze
Damn, yo! Cameras, stand, pose
Therefore, watch her ‘fore Cam rose

She got down, I’m tryna get the top
Me, Lee, ? and chop
How to hit the block, ee wee piffing rock
before the DT’s get the watch
The neighbours watch, all day switching spots
I’m in the hood like (muma)
What’s really, whats good (Frank Mula)
Gun 50, black hood (same shooter)
Blowing sticky black wood (straight ruler)


"Crime Pays" (2009)

Crime Pays (Intro) Lyrics – Cam’Ron

All generals stand in line, salute nigga

[Verse 1]
You know me from spendin the loot
Also put rims on the coupe
Remember Duke I spin to shoot
I ain't here to kid to you
Skip a loose, get an ounce, flip a deuce, hit the stoop
Remember stupid I'm here to tell you that I'm living proof
I'm glad you hate, nigga go masterbate
Took my cap and gown bitches but I ain't graduate
What a vision to see
O.G. glisten and glee, sit in the V
Did it in three, homeboy listen to me

Crime pays
99 ways, 9 gauge, AK-47 homey hit the highway
Crime pays
I got a record company, liquor and clothing line
Cause my weed was fresh, coke was white, dope was nine

[Verse 2]
BIRD CAGE! That's what it's gonna be
3rd grade Mr. Massey asked us what we wanna be
Jeff said a lifeguard, Bobby said a firefighter
Jeff gonna have a Porsche and Bobby said he'll have a Spyder
David said police, Wanda said she wished to dance
They gonna get married, have a big crib in France
I started actin up, wait a minute back it up
This ain't math class but this shit ain't adding up
Then Mr. Massey looked and that's when the teacher asked
"You got a problem Cam" Yeah, I should teach this class
Maybe I'll reach they ass,
Tell em they don't need to have degrees in math
Know your credit, debit, plus receipts for cash
A few geeks had laughed, I told the dude stop your wishin
You won't have a pot to piss in with that damn job you gettin
Call Cam a gift, they wasn't understanding this
Damn I'm rich, a drug dealer turned out philanthropist

[Hook x2]
Crime pays
99 ways, 9 gauge, AK-47 homey hit the highway
Crime pays
I got a record company, liquor and clothing line
Cause my weed was fresh, coke was white, dope was nine

Cookin' Up Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
Red slippers, red robe, red kitchen
Red stove, red pots, one in the head cocked
One the on the feds probe, red stools, red inf
Red floor, your all fakers red couch
Red crystal red pepper and salt shakers
The red room, red curtains, its summer squish
Show some respect what you expect thats a hundred inch
Telescopes binoculars the feds hate my bynacula
From sellin coke im proper docked that means im spectacular
They bitin like tyson, worse than that dracular
Ya moms buy heroin wit no hands im smackin her
Let me make ya plane, since dane to danes I made it rain
Now in the strip club the Benjies turn to paper planes
I'm Killa, you Andre Miller, got a basic game
I told ya bitch to hurry up, we don't wait for trains
I'm Derek Jeter, cause I'm in between the base my mane
And thats on Lennox, 7 for 8th ace of kings
Silencers on calibers would do it louder bro
Sledge hammer, smash his melon im the black galicka
You know I dump mine on fake niggas one time
Wack bitches, rat snitches, my life's a punch line
I spend a grip in bars, diamonds studded, vicious cars
Tha hoes, ask Joe, we audition ours
I hope you make the cut, pop ya puss, move ya butt
Ruger up, think we from Houston we done screwed her up

[Chorus x2]
We pitchin', we pitchin', friction from mission to mission
Block to block, ave. to ave., from kitchen to Kitchen
We just cookin' baby, we just cookin up
We just cookin' up homie, we just cookin' up

[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
You don' sold a bottle, huh, I'm twistin ya cap
And I'm luxury girl come sit on my lap
Her friends like don't go that shit is a trap
They'll have you trafficn' swallowin, shittin smack
They pigeons in fact, how you gonna listen to that
You the fliest one in your crew
Them bitches is wack
Started to smile like you knew this shit was a wrap
Her friends was right tho, she gonna be pitchin some crack
I'm a true champ, you glance, 4 door, two tramps, fuck my money honey
Bring your food stamps, go ahead, you dance
A elephant to you ants
Chain, Alaska, Bracelet, Nebraska, crib, well disaster
42 plasmas, royal blue laurie, shorty you bastard
Only thing I don't know, what resort we in
I tell a bitch "get over here", like Scorpion
Cars, order in flavors, you order from avis
Come around me why? They know my ora contagious
And I'm sorta courageous, plus the kid smart
Forget Bizmark, he gonna catch more than them vapors
Next door at your neighbors, they said all of you haters
Set you up the very moment, I offered 'em paper
In the North I'm the Mayor
And my kicks, University of Florida
Of course they gators

[Repeat chorus]

Where I Know You From Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1]
Since they cut my umbilical [pause]
I knew it would be inevitable, That my case should go federal
Its part of my journey, see it might concern me
But who cam best friend, My attorney!

Can you hold something, Can I throw you some
Now I know you dumb, Where I know you from
I aint got it right now, but I owe you one
In your head, one shot from a loaded gun

Don't get extorted, I get escorted
To the resort, where the girls say lets snort it
I can import it, export it sports car
Lets port it, fresh auto, I report I just bought it

I scream lets get it, they aint pimp my ride
My cars an exhibit, huh? next critic
I don't talk it I just live it, just prove it
Tell the feds Calm down, its just music

Man you cold fronting, beat you like you stole something
Who you talking to, I asked you can you hold something
Where I know you from huh? Where I know you from
Where I know you from scrams? Where I know you from

[Verse 2]
You got a order shorty, you should learn ring
Your baby moms know, we call her sperm bank
Crazy hoe, word baby bro,
mad generous giving out falchios

A meat eater, Ms. Domma Domma
Honor my persona, its like a Parana's momma
We move bricks on the highway
So theres bricks in my drive way

K9 come, then the 9 spray
My girls toe ring, that's 55K
Crack in 4B, Coc in 5A
Dope in 8F, the hoe's in 9J

What can I say, You know how I play
We hustle all night, until the skies gray
Why you think the whole hood carotid
He tony the tiger, yeah he like it sugar coated

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
They got the cameras up; they want to tape a solider
Cuz I got that tan, you can call it beige & mocha
Talking in code, is sort of like playing poker
Bring the pepsi in the oven, that's the baking soda

What up tiny bum, we were all the sorta
Feds gave em 25, damn a quarter mortar
But we from the same hood where they slaughtered porter
You a passer, me I got a scorers aura

Owe me money, your wife, son, daughters oughta
Leave the country, I'm thinking like bora, bora
Run around with these silly secrets
Trying to keep it real, me I'm gon really keep it

You should really peep it, mack milly skeeted
In your face, any case, I'm gon really beat it
We aint never gamble, we ain't never bet
Where I know you from scrams, we aint never met

[Chorus 2x]

Never Ever Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1:]
Yo I, Drive on the Parkway, Park in the drive way
I had a hard day, I'm on my parkay
I said I thought a brother nothing like Park Aye
No I'm not rico, but I'm definitely suave

Aye, so parlay, I'll let the pigeons know
I fuck em top speed, not need pigeon toed
I leave em bow legged, tell her relax dear
Louie buggin, louie luggage, I'm leaving don't ask where

I had the 2011 things last year
Side colleges, gynecologist, here's a pap smear
Is that clear, I'm feeling bad as ever
Honey LV purse, eww Patten leather

I'll have her like hmmm..., she make me say mahhhh...
I'll have her like ooohhhh...Then I make her say ahhh...
Never mind the phony, you looking kinda lonely
I want to be ginuwine, can I grind that pony

Ya'll never ever ever ever could live my life
(life girl, live my life, life)
Ya'll never ever ever ever could live my life
(life girl, live my life, life)

[Verse 2:]
Yo I, play with a rough stay, I sold enough ye'
I'll never stop eating man, this game is like a buffet
I must say, I get the dust moved
Cock blocks, chopped rocs, yeah call it crush groves

You wouldn't do diddly digga, my delivery
is better than a mail man, you never seen misery
seriously, on the other hand visibly
you might know my neighbor walt, walt who disseney

yeah disseney, coke cakes, pot pies
no chicken in it cuco pollo be on fa-fire
old ladies gyza, they get up early doggie
you see what happen to daddies boy

yeah you was trying to cake it, you got your mom's evicted
now everybody looking at you, know that's a got damn shame
They made at you, cuz you went and took the drama route
Llama out, and you had the work up in your mama's house


[Verse 3:]
Yo I, I hit the dealer, then the dealer hit the stoope
Then I hit the dealer, leave the dealer with a coupe
Pick up mami, she said "you wanna hear the truth"
This car is hot cam, but where's the roof

I said ma, theres no top, I do this
She said "oh you like easy-e, roofless"
I said true this, four rings, who this
Smooth rick, tooth chip, a nigga need a few bricks

Drop Shawty off, so I can show em some
He cop four, so you know I had to throw her one
Cuz my teammate green off the payroll
We turned yayo, to fettuccini alfredo


Curve Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Talking: Cam'ron]
Nah I told shorty to curve!
she like Curve?
I'm like Curve!
She like what that mean?
I'm like that mean get away from me
Ya breath stink. you heard of tick tacs?
Curve man get outta here.
If big pun was alive he'd tell you to go that way

[Verse 1]
From Ecuador,
Extra raw,
like the reservoir
Few Beretta scars, get ya neck ajarred
Respect it pa don't believe, better call
I need a fre fre fre freak I mean a tramp ma
and my dick you can lick like a stamp ugh
and ya back you can arch like a ramp ma
get a helmet you about to get rammed hard
I'm Rambo, Commando, Camacho
Ya disappear, Vamanos, Vato
Got doe, Gwap hoe, Shots go
Ratt ratt taat how could he not know
Louie socks though, you can see the logo
and I chop blow blow no homo
shoot out in the woods no po-po
he wired, the deal a no go yo
I get dough though, he a no show
I'm so high high in the low low
I ain't gotta address but yo I gotta get dressed
come watch a mobster get fresh
lennon and ostrich on deck
I kno ya'll wish that them shots would've shot me to death but Death becomes me, you a mummy,
I'm out of ur flesh dummy money bustin outta my socks and my sweats
Get cash but a lot of my gwaps in a check

That's my word, if homie actin absurd and he sort of like a bird, then tell tha dude to curveee
Girls too, if she gettin on ya nerves and she got a lot of nerve then tell the girl to curveee
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick

[Verse 2]
Yo, Damn Cam why they startin wars?
Boston garden kitchen, parkay floors
little pimps, watch them whores,
slide em to the crib, right inside her ribs
right outside her ribs, right inside her chips
Please stop watchin me
look, diamonds around her wrist, house behind the cliffs
left her equivalent, to 600 dimes of piff
off the winner menu, I'm from a different venue
these nike's??, don't ask, discontinued
must this continue, one clip will end you
Please stop watchin me
I can't front baby girl I'm something to watch
I ask you one thing girl, you comin or not
I make sugar melt, you don't need killa help
my doors are suicide, bitch go kill ya self
since ya feel ya self, nine mill will steal ya health
Please stop watchin me
I kno a lot of ya'll hatin wanna clap me still
listen good, I don't care how you actually feel
cause I'm actually real, for real wrapped in steal,
and the roof open up like a happy meal
get a steel grip, you won't feel shit
we move single file like we on a field trip
get ya permisson slip, can you vision it
empty the gun son, put in a different clip

That's my word if homie actin absurd and he sorta like a bird, then tell tha dude to curveee
Girls too, if she gettin on ya nerves and she got a lot of nerve then tell the girl to curveee
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick
Curve nigga, no curve trick

[Talking: Cam'ron]
Ya'll kno what it is Harlem,
Ayo hood I'ma get you some publishing on this one dog,
hun40th Harlem you kno what it is, Persona

Silky (No Homo) Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1]
They call me broke goose, up on me
I'll leave you salty, clean like a bofty
So girl... Yeah you boo, let me introduce you
To a new crew, not familiar, ain't what you used to

Hit Aruba, put it on youtube
Let your ex-man see your new dude
And new purse, and new shoes
Tell em I win, haha you lose

Dice game I fill up the bank
Yo ex-man cant fill up your tank
Damn that's mad triffe, talking bout the gas price
All I do is look and say damn that's a sad life

He bake beans just add rice
No soft drinks, just mad ice
Now you waiting in the cold for the bus
Girl come roll with the rush, us!

No delaying, ma stop playing
I'm not playing but I'm saying
What you saying are you staying
Yeah I'm staying if you paying
Huh what you say

[Verse 2]
Yall know me, bomb hoe's, condo's
Crystal, Calico, Dom Mo
Oh yeah, few John Doe's
I'm on point like Rondo

Get it here hurry up like pronto
No no, no need convo
And the raptors, Toronto
Play with me you'll get your lawn mowed

In dawn mode, that's code red
No cars girl, got to moped
Shout out to all my dope heads
They made me rich, yeah more bread

Now go head, for your head gone
Fucked one girl, my bread long
Got damn girl, your legs long
She went down, she head strong
Dude unlock them cuffs, so ma can roll with the rush, us!


[Verse 3]
Yo Gina, that's Clara
Yo clara, that's Sarah
Yo sarah, that's Tara
Call her, Ms. Mascara

But she give a mean blowjob
Go downtown, no prob
Getting beano's, did the whole mob
I don't work, no job

Redford, I go rob
Creme corn, no cob
Bo ho, Bo ho, go sob
That's your sob, oh god

Rascal buckwheat
Get braces, buckteeth
Zoom out, now your in the dust
Girl come roll with the rush, us!


Get It In Ohio Lyrics – Cam’Ron

Waddup, Midwest?
THey forgot about the fourth coast
Uh, it ain't nuttin though
Waddup Arkansas, Minnesota, Kansas
Kentucky, Missouri, everybody in the Lou'!

[Verse 1]
Geah! (HOLLA!)
Thinkin 'bout Guy Fisher
Never met him, but goddamn that’s my nigga! (why?)
I figure real estate, invested pie flipper
Never snitch, me I’m in a bathrobe, fly slippers (high 80s')
Left Chicago wit good money for five drops
Westside, did the Southside like the White Sox (Waddup Stony Island?)
Bamboo and Pulaski, K-town is contra (Westside)
They’ll dearly depart ya, in front of MacArthur’s (Waddup Madison?)
I’m the author for gangsters, tough guys
Did the whole Ohio, but I start it off of Buckeye (dey know me!)
Columbus to 'Natti, them towns I raped 'em (sure did)
Few clowns was hatin (what?!), moved my pounds to Dayton (Let's go)
And in Akron, my niggaz they would throw things
Not King James, these were coke kings (Buck, waddup baby?)
Ain't he actin grown, doggy you ain't back at home
Then smack the {?}, wrapped in chrome, you better get a chaperone

[Chorus w/ ad-libs in background]
If you know like I know, you should lie low
Killa, I used to get it in Ohio
Don’t forget the Chi though, guns are like a pyro
You keep playin, you will look like a gyro

[Verse 2]
Yo, ga'head and hate me hater
'cause I’m flyer than a aviator? (Yes I am)
Well, you’ll get SMACKED with the radiator
And I get catered player - wanna talk? Maybe later
Told her, her time was up, '88 her, Flavor Flaved her (Boyeeeee!)
Need ya neck choked, rather your neck broke
Ya dead broke, yet folks the jewels are like AIYYO!!
And you’ll get yolked up, switchblade poked up
Bitch-made since sixth grade, he need his rope cut (yes)
Cowboy roped up, y’all boys sold what?
Know what? The dope, crack, and coke is in the coat tucked (right here)
Roll up, hold up, family, this a hold up!
Get close up, soaked up, I’m KG, postup
Hoe, slut, no love, turn beef to cold cuts
Family gettin bread, well he about to get his loaf cut (in half)
Y’all doped up, this game is sewed up
Malcolm X tell the white bitch yo, I want my toes sucked


[Verse 3]
Yo, I’d rather be judged by twelve, than carried by six
My twelve and twelve - well, they carry my bricks
and them twelve-twelve fiends, they’re married to sniff
And the V12, that's on various trips [laughing]
Y’all make a brotha laugh, me I took another path
Come into my habitat, hover crafts, bubble baths
Duffle bags stuffed with cash, fell in love with math
I got the green Benz, red Range, mustard Jag
White coke, tan dope, black gun, trey deuce
Silver bullets, purple piff, blue pills, Grey Goose
Pull out the rat-tat-tat (what you say?)
Duck duck, say goose
Beige coupe, suede roofs, send him off to Jesus (Jesus)
H-deuce, yea yea, piss off the state troops
See me, then they don't, I disappear, say POOF!
Play Zeus, homeboy get a replaced tooth
Not pot, mean dust when a nigga say juice
Killa! Killa..


You know what it is, nigga - Harlem
140th & Lennox, you faggot niggaz can suck a dick, fuck niggaz
Everybody in the whole Midwest, Indiana
Nebraska - Omaha, what's happenin?
Err'body in Denver, Iowa, Illinois
Chi-Town, Ohio, you know what it is
I'll be home soon, Killa!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Waddup, Leche?
Yo Happy, I'ma drop another package off
Duke on that Westside of Chicago [laughs]
Waddup everybody in Columbus? [fades]

Who Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1]
(Who) get money with Leyor, Kevin liles
(Who) Joie ie, LA Reid, Camron Giles
(Who) At the round table with Todd Moscowitz
(Who) Who the man, you the man so acknowledge it

(Who) Leave the dealer so smooth with the polished kit
(Who) Same night, 210 demolished it
(Who) Get girls no bullshit politics
(Who) Only gotta say two words: "swallow it"

(Who) Rocks look like Colorado dicks
(Who) got the mask and the gloves and the hallow tips
(Who) the one who can leave with your main chick
(Who) can fuck four girls from the same clique

(Who) Mr. Right (Who) Make sisters fight
(Who) ain't really gotta ask for a kiss goodnight
(Who) the one that the ladies call Mr. Pipe
(Who) the one that make feens go and get they pipe

Its me yall
no phone book but OG called
a few gun fights, some street brawls
Getting money, come come now please yall

[Verse 2]
(Who) Got mean jewels (Who) is gleaming heavy
(Who) get a million wired, I key and semi
(Who) light for movie (Who) no tyler perry
(Who) got the baddest chick, not halle berry

(Who) run your city, so fly
(Who) got all white birds that don't fly
(Who) the truth, you the truth, no lie
(Who) got dudes that'll kill you in a bow tie

(Who) blow la (Who) drove by
(Who) so high (Who) you know five
(Who) got louie kicks, like the checker board
(Who) will smack you, and check your broad

(Who) might blow (Who) like nitro
(Who) like black rob you, I'm like whoa
(Who) got twins (Who) like double mint
(Who) is wanted by the US government

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
(Who) roll up the bud (Who) saying it loud
(Who) work in the mud (Who) play in the cloud
(Who) live in the stars (Who) loving his style
(Who) come in the cars (Who) making him proud

(Who) be in them spots (Who) where they ain't allowed
(Who) they want in a box, we'll take em to trial
(Who) get thick chicks, or slim dymes
(Who) take a outro card, put it in mine

(Who) stand up, man up, no enzyme
(Who) you ray charles, yall niggas been blind
(Who) will get you curled out this world
(Who) like girls, girls that kiss girls

[Chorus 2x]

You Know What's Up Lyrics – Cam’Ron (feat. C.O., Sky-Lyn)

[Chorus: C.O.]
This bitch ain't nothing but a filthy slut that's why I
Fuck bitches all I do is fuck bitches
This bitch ain't nothing but a filthy slut that's why I
Fuck bitches all I do is fuck bitches

So you hooooooo's
You should know whats up
When you see me
you know its time to fuck

[Verse 1: C.O.]
Bitches ain't shit but hoe's and tricks
I fucked her in the crib, then in the whip
And after I fuck her I'm taking the chips
I'm taking the whips, but she can keep the kids

I fuck good bitches, bad bitches and stick
Shawty's so bad I'm glad she's all on my dick
I took her to the crib and we were smoking the piff
Now she's twisted sucking the dick

I ain't trying to get played like no silly ho
I just get what I want then I'm out the door
So if you think that you fucking me baby boy you got it twisted
You got it twisted, you got it twisted

I just want to hit it and split it, then move on
If you thinking ima stay you know your so wrong
Unless you got the cash, you ain't seeing the stash
Now you mad, catching feeling, now that's just too bad!


[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
Your girl's a ex dust junkie, but a butt dunkey
Keeping it just funky, she a slut monkey
Yeah true blue, who knew, you knew
Fucked her in the ass, started to leak yo-hoo

Woo ooh started to cry, I said boo ho
Calm down boo boo
You an animal, yeah from the zoo crew
Want me to stop, nah killa do you

Brought my niggas in the room, ran a choo choo
All of a sudden the bitch said "sow-woo"
Looked at her like ma you delirious
Said nah cam, just caught my period

Know what I'm thinking, machete season
Smack blood out her, nah she already bleeding
Now sitting in, with nothing on
So I jerked off, left her nutted on

This nigga ain't shit if he ain't got no chips
That's why I fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas
If he cant eat the pussy I ain't sucking shit
That's why I fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas

So you main niggas, you should know whats up
Everytime you sleep with me, you be trying to fuck
Fuck niggas, all I do is fuck niggas

Spend The Night Lyrics – Cam’Ron

Baby come and play and lay and stay with me girlfriend a change your life.
Spend the night with me we'll talk and chill and watch TV she said sure you're right.

Some girls says I'm the cutest others says I'm the rudest, meditate like a budist expose em like a nudist,
I'm jesus they judas, my diamonds the bluest, got the answers they clueless, ashanti foolish.
I'm with a stewardess, mami say a flight attendent, called her a stupid bitch, sorry nah I might have ment it.
See I'm the type that ment it, 4 mill I might have spend it, but I got it back right back yeah yeah my life is splendid.
Me and mami drinking drinking till the point she earl, I'm about too swearl the world world wanna join me .
The clothes from Italy, the coke from Sicily, I'm talking littarly, c'mon now stop kidding me.
I don't kid at all, I get it all, get reed of it all, come and stay with me, where I live? the mall.
Back to bank, the dealer shop, and the rim shop, you know him slim before Mims I've been hot!

Baby come and play and lay and stay with me girlfriend a change your life.
Spend the night with me we'll talk and chill and watch TV she said sure you're right

Yo, Miami listining to Brisco, I get it cooking like crisco, from Chi town back to Frisco, my diamonds like a disco.
Mami what the hell you ride, you know what the hell I like a hood bitch, strecth marks?, bdbs? cellulite.
Baby we need eachother, don't wanna meet your mother, my mouth is like the sewer yeah yeah I keep it gutter.
I sell hot pies and butter, don't wanna see you suffer, nigga like me wouldn't meet another, you clogged up I be your plummer.
? You know how the game go, different color cars our garage a rainbow, I'm the leprecon, but I sell methadon, marijuan, heroin, ten year run marathon.
My hood like lebanon, but that is benetton, you up in sumin fly, I got my weapon on, we get our chefin on chefin on everyday, I got the cookie cutter, mami the pepper spray.

Baby come and play and lay and stay with me girlfriend a change your life.
Spend the night with me we'll talk and chill and watch TV she said sure you're right

Uhh, let's gets this guacamole, you feelin hot then hold me, you had your guard up at first like a soccer golie.
If I got it, you get it, baby I get it you got it, let's hit the pacific, terrific I'm feelin melotic.
Cus you lookin exotic, now you gettin erotic, like you straight from the tropics, wanna shoot it and cock it.
Not the blama baby girl I'm talkin sumin else, all she do is look and say cam you sumin else.
Listing love Iaint the one that get lovy dovy but you lookin good, you ever need a hobby lovely, you got too love me, shoots of bubble, get your mouth wet, you the outlet got to plug me!

Baby come and play and lay and stay with me girlfriend a change your life.
Spend the night with me we'll talk and chill and watch TV she said sure you're right

Woo Hoo Lyrics – Cam’Ron (feat. Byrd Lady, 40 Cal.)

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
When I cook up that coke I'm like (Woo Hoo)
And when the feens taste it (Woo Hoo)
You know the lace it and base it
Tell em to paste it, mann they getting wasted (Woo Hoo)

Look at mami in them heals (Woo Hoo)
She know exactly how it feel like (Woo Hoo)
Baby I love and discuss it, lets go public
Yeah fuck up my budget, my accountant like (Woo Hoo)

Hey you know how much you spent (Woo Hoo)
And then I hand her a check, she like (Woo Hoo)
Don't get offended but I get it much quicker than I spend it
Yeah yeah yeah (Woo Hoo)

Like when I get a new gun, I'm like (Woo Hoo)
And when I load it to the top I'm like (Woo Hoo)
I don't abuse it, with this I make music
Hope I don't have to use it, listen (Woo Hoo)

Now his mothers sitting there like (Woo Hoo)
Look what they did to his face, I mean (Woo Hoo)
Just understand this, yo doggie I'm being candid
Don't take this money for granted

[Cam'Ron outro]
I cant explain this baby
Its like me trying to explain why is water wet
Or why is the sun hot
Or why birds fly, and people don't, well I do

[Verse 2: Byrd Lady]
First I step up like (Woo Hoo)
They like good god almight, she be killing em' (Woo Hoo)
Ass so fat make a nigga say (Woo Hoo)
How you get all that, with the same from the back, let em hit it from the back

Now he tasting my (Woo Hoo)
Lick it all up, don't be wasting my (Woo Hoo)
Get up in that gut, put your face in my (Woo Hoo)
You a big boy right, nah you putting up a fight, nigga why you so up tight

I'm on the block like (Woo Hoo)
But you see the stones and the chains you like (Woo Hoo)
Dust them bitches off up out my way like (Woo Hoo)
Yeah like have a nice day, let me grab you through the way,
stay the fuck up out my face

Watch me tell em like (Woo Hoo)
Hoping I don't crash, pray to god like (Woo Hoo)
Slow it down a little, take the key off that (Woo Hoo)
That be the coupe, check the bitch who did me dupe, see this leg is too cute

[Byrd lady outro]
This that wildin shits
Yall aint know nothing about this
This nigga I rock with overseas
International byrd lady
His & her cedes
Call me the fur baby
I'm straight stunting on yall bitches man
You see me shining though

[Verse 3: 40 Cal]
They yell (Woo Hoo)
Become to every bigga bubble got em like (Woo Hoo)
Every other flip I double, come through like (Woo Hoo)
When she see the kid with muscles, but she singing... like the whole clique in trouble

But I'm like (Woo Hoo)
Every day a different hustle, feens like (Woo Hoo)
Every time the sniff a bundle, so I'm yelling (Woo Hoo)
Tell your friends to get a couple, I'm the one from trip em love em, show you how to get a hustle

So I yell (Woo Hoo)
Get your whole clique in huddle, you'll be singing (Woo Hoo)
You put it in a bigger duffle, quick to say (Woo Hoo)
We aint with the cigre bottles,get it in the hump, put it in the shottles
Run it through jones, don't stutter or stumble

Come through like a 1, 2 rumble
They be loving how I be stunting like a thug do
I don't cuff you, I slut you, my thought boo
What the fuck with the brothers who don't fuck boo
If you want to, gotta

Chalupa Lyrics – Cam’Ron

[Verse 1]
Yo this flow here is bulimics, anemic, yo red beam it
Plus I got it on, you aint never seen it, never seen it
Some people say I'm conceited, but dougie I never cheated
Oh boy you'll get deleted, believe it, I could achieve it cuz look

Im on a Yamaha, laughing like ha ha ha
Na na na, want to talk, shots speak ra ra ra
Crib is like mardigra, no beads grow weed
Court case, courtside, nigga in the nose bleeds

OG, Goatee, proceed, whole Ki's
Sorta like a janitor, stay within a parameter
Niggas got the hammer bra, don't care about a camera
Could they put that dress off, first like grand ma ma

Hope you got the stamina, because niggas be on worst
Blow reefa, no sneaker, thought this was a converse
I told baby girl damn that's a hard purse
But you gotta get it in flavors girl like starburst

We counting money, yo doggie we couting money
Yo shit aint even funny, but look at we counting money
Yo stupid up on the stoope, the game is in a stoope
Cuz look we get chalupa, cha cha cha cha cha cha chalupa love

[Verse 2]
Winter time, I'm heated why they frigid
Lenox ave boy working with 8 digits
Summer time came through in our may blizzaards
Old ladies looking like damn they did it

Cuz huh, I got to forty fifth just to get a snack box
2 piece, apple pie, feds taking snap shots
they know I'm known for hot rims, fast drops
big trucks, big jewels, whys from the have nots

now every pocket on my clothing dawg, have knots
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand; jack pot
call my block gravel, (why) its mad rocks
im the owner of the team, fuck the mascot

sucking mad cock, 650 rag top
damn, don't get hit with the jab that my dad got
yall sasquatch, put it on your laptop
yo not a door, but yessir its pad locked


[Verse 3]
We do the interstate, baby where the state patrol
With 50lbs, and I aint talking bout an eight year old
It can take a toll, hoping you can get parole
Play your role, the heat is so hot it can make you cold

And they say ima son of a bitch
Why, cuz I be with your son and your bitch
You don't deserve her, your fair we wont hurt her
We taught her to be a squirter, your sons about murder

Your brother well he my worker, your sister well she my slurper
Your mom her ass is fat, my niggas they call her bertha
Once a week they might server her, with dick they gon serve her
Now she whining like a baby, well maybe we'll get her gerber

Smack her on her ass, warm milk, then we burp her
Yeah we left her nurtured, but well earth her, before we chirp her
You'll be a punching bag, fam well put our beats on her
Or the Klu klux, white sheet on her

or Miami jersey put the heat on her
Or a door mate I'm gone put my feet on her
Creep on em, leap on em
yeah park the jeep on em

Americas most wanted, with no warrant!